My favorite trinkets from the dusty corners of my room (and my purse).

This week, I decided to keep things light hearted. To be completely honest, life has been a bit difficult lately and I just need some fun in my life. So, I did a photo shoot with a few things that make me happy from my room, and my carry-on room: my purse. It’s kind of interesting looking at random objects that you love. It’s actually quite intimate. These are things I use everyday (except for my fancy shoes), and they are the little slices of happiness that bring my mood up to where it needs to be.


This is literally what I carry in my purse: my Betsey Johnson wallet, an NYX matte lip color (I have a million shades), my car keys (duh) to my beautiful midnight-blue Toyota Camry, random sunnies I stole from my boyfriend, and the I Love Lemon Tea that I live and breathe by (I drink this tea at least 3 times a day).


I decided to zoom in on these guys because they are my faves. Okay, I have a citrus problem. Grapefruit is my favorite fruit and apparently my favorite everything else. I love Burt’s Bees for their super moisturizing formulation and Pacifica Perfume in “Mango Grapefruit” (I got this roll-on one from Whole Foods). It smells like citric happiness and lifts my mood when I’m feeling down.

And now for some other favorites from my room:


I think this is my third bottle of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume. And surprise! It has citrus notes that make me feel all citrus-sexy (that’s totally not a thing). The Michael Kors watch is my go-to to make me feel like a grown up who wears a watch. I really do love this watch so much: it matches everything and it was a gift from my brother, which makes it a bit sentimental to me as well.


I love this little “A” picture holder SO much. My best friend Janae gave it to me as a gift and I use it to carry my business cards. I think it’s adorable and I have it in my sight when I’m working because it makes me smile. Next to it is my little old fashioned alarm clock. It’s simple and I like the obnoxious sound it makes when the alarm goes off. It reminds me of a time when I couldn’t hand pick my alarm sound from my phone.

Now, for the grand finale. Shoes. My FAVORITE pair of shoes.



This little puppies were sitting among unworthy pairs of shoes in a thrift store. They are a bit tattered and the jewels on them look like they’ve been completely bedazzled onto them, but I love them anyway. They have seen many good evenings and have brought me into more than one new year. And for that, I am thankful for them and the good luck and juju they provide.

This was a simple little blog post, so please let me know in the comments if you were digging this or not, but I enjoyed taking close-ups of things that I actually love quite a bit. They are silly material items, but they give me joy throughout my day everyday. What’s in your purse? Your closet? What small joy brings a smile to your face? These are a few of mine, I would LOVE to know what yours are.


                                         Click here for more of my secrets.

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