5 Reasons to bring a friend when you have professional photos taken of you.

Bringing a friend along on a photo session isn’t really something that people think to do, but I will tell you that it’s a really good decision to do so. Here’s why.

  1. Having a friend present for a photo shoot will make you comfortable.

    Because you don’t usually have a camera in front of your face like Beyoncé, things can get a little…awkward. You’re standing in front of a person you just met and you are expected to look like you’re totally comfortable as a camera snaps away. So, bring a friend. You love your friends, and likely, your friends know how to make you feel comfortable. And simply put: being comfortable makes your photos look effortless and natural.

  2. They know you.

    Your friends are the people who you tell everything: what you love, what makes you happy, and what your insecurities are. So, when the photographer is taking photos of you and the angle being photographed is displaying your “bad side” or your face looks too round because you’re smiling too big and you HATE when your face looks round, then your friend can chime in and remind you that you’re doing “that thing you do that you hate”. You feel me? We all have things we don’t like in photos of ourselves and if our friends are there, they can see what you’re doing and then remind you to adjust to the way that you prefer to pose. Photographers are only human, too. They don’t know you like your friends do and they don’t see you the same way that you and your friends do. So, help us see.

  3. They make you really smile.    

    Yes, you know how to cheese it up for a photo, but your friends know how to really make you smile. Chances are, your friends are people that naturally make you laugh and know how to make your smile appear effortless. By having a friend there to talk to while the photo shoot is in session, your smile is going to be the most genuine smile that you have when the photos are being snapped.

  4. They can be your memory when nerves have got the best of you.  

    We have ALL been in those situations: showing up to an important event or interview and you have completely forgotten every single thing that you had prepared. The truth is, most people are very nervous when they are at a photoshoot. Hell, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m one of those people. At least when I’m not behind the camera. So, if a friend is there and you have already discussed all of the shots you want to get with them and with which props and even last minute ideas you had on the car ride over, then your friend will likely be more comfortable (and less nervous) to bring it up in the session because you’re busy “smizing” for the camera and focusing on not having a double chin.

  5. Having a friend there means photos with your friend.

    I can’t speak for all photographers, but I know that whenever a friend attends a photo session with me, I always invite the friend into the photos near the end of the session. I love seeing the connection between people who enjoy being around one another and capturing it is simply enjoyable for me. So, what that means? Extra photos! More material to choose from, and likely, free content of you and your bestie enjoying a day together. Nothing beats that.


    Below, is a series of photos from the beautiful Lea’s photo session with me. Her friend Jacqueline tagged along and offered support and good conversation (and lots of laughs!). The result? Tons of genuine smiles from Lea and a lot of fun photos of the two of them, just for fun. See for yourself.



Yes, gimme gimme more.

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