About Me


I have always taken pictures. I started by taking pictures of my friends after purchasing my first DSLR camera when I was 18, and gosh 5 years later, I had the realization that I could make a career that I loved out of it. So, I began. I dropped out of college,  I made a shit ton of mistakes, shed some actual tears, and grew. A ton. So, now I have this business that I love and am so proud of. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d have enough strength to run a business of my own. As it turns out, we can do more than we ever imagined.

When I’m not photographing amazing human beings, I can usually be found eating somewhere. I’m not a technically a foodie because I’m one of those annoying people with a million food allergies, but I do enjoy a hearty plate of good eats (biscuits and gravy are my absolute favorite and I could live off Bloody Mary’s). I have incredible friends that I spend a large amount of time with. We usually fill up our time with episodes of The Bachelor and a quality glass of wine or a simple outdoor hike. I have a handsome and sweet boyfriend, as well. We travel, we laugh, we watch re-runs of 90s television shows, and we love each other a whole lot. Oh, and did I mention I have a corgi? Yeah, I have a corgi named Sawyer (named after Tom Sawyer, of course) and he’s cuter than I can handle most times. He wakes me up with a dirty sock in his mouth and a paw to my kidneys.

I believe in gratitude, belly laughs, and experiences that hold depth. Oh, and I believe in love. The big, overwhelming, beautiful kind. That is my nutshell.

Let’s be friends.